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Accelerating (and Fast-Starting) the SME Business at Oracle (and SAP) - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Oracle’s recent (and seemingly genuine) change of heart and approach towards partnering and catering enterprise applications

implementations case studies bi tool  implement and use, with implementations typically going live in 6 to 8 weeks. With the introduction of the Accelerated Implementation Methodology, SAP Business One implementation times have improved to only 2 weeks in some cases. In spite of some rumors of the product’s dubious future, SAP Business One is available in 20 languages and 40 country-specific versions. From about 800 customers that TopManage had in 2002, SAP Business One reached over 25,000 customers globally in early 2009. In fact, SAP Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » implementations case studies bi tool

The Formula for Product Success: Focus on Flexibility and Cooperation
Jeeves has retained the concept of having a single innovative product with broad and reliable functionality, and an open architecture. But beyond the solid

implementations case studies bi tool  of extensive and successful implementations, with focus on quality throughout the whole process. The process starts with an initial contact, followed by a web-based demo, an on-site demo, and negotiations in case of a good outcome. Once the deal is closed, a preliminary study follows. And after that, there is project setup; technical installation; power-user and end user training; product configuration, modifications, customizations, or integration of conversions; and, finally, workshops and realistic Read More
Finance and Accounting Solutions Buyer’s Guide for Small to Medium Enterprises
For large organizations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems promise big gains by helping grow revenue and increase productivity. But can ERP benefit

implementations case studies bi tool  found that many ERP implementations in the midmarket are quite mature and ripe for replacement. In the 2006 ERP in the Midmarket report, 35 percent of respondents had ERP systems older than 10 years, and 38 percent had ERP systems 5 to 10 years old and 22 percent of these were the organizations' first ERP systems that supplanted manual processes. ERP technology has evolved significantly in the years since these systems were deployed, so many of these organizations have developed their own applications Read More
Contributing to the Rejuvenation of Legacy Systems in the Enterprise Resource Planning Field
With its focus on service-oriented architecture, SSA Global appears to be sticking to its pledge to protect the user's investment as much as it can, while still

implementations case studies bi tool  can result in quicker implementations, improved flexibility, and easier upgrades. This framework also provides agility and flexibility for integrating industry niche solutions, and for development of industry-specific solutions, with insulation from the vendor's major release cycles. For instance, SSA Global has recently been striving to add new functionality to support the food and beverage industry needs in the form of business logic that supports country of origin labeling (COOL), bioterrorism Read More
Reconnecting with Cincom Systems
Cincom executives lay out some facts, and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic discovers that Cincom Acquire isn't the old

implementations case studies bi tool  in five percent of implementations. The GPS feature helped service technicians in the telecom industry track support teams in metro areas and optimize scheduling. The ability to push data in real time to a mobility device turned out to be a huge win for the aerospace and telecom service lifecycle management (SLM) workflows too. These industries loved having mobility support to be able to query catalogs for the exact right part and deliver it. Despite these SLM reasons, we rarely found a company taking a Read More
SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us
In the IDC report SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us , you'll learn how a SaaS-based BI solution can help employees throughou...

implementations case studies bi tool  saas tools better decision making rest,saas,tools,better,decision,making,rest,tools better decision making rest,saas better decision making rest,saas tools decision making rest,saas tools better making rest. Read More
Managing On-demand Package Implementations
Why choose on-demand when there are so many integrated software solutions on the market? Because on-demand packages provide a number of benefits that can help

implementations case studies bi tool  On-demand Package Implementations Why choose on-demand when there are so many integrated software solutions on the market? Because on-demand packages provide a number of benefits that can help IT focus on innovation and creating true business value, rather than dealing with network headaches. But along with the benefits there are a number of challenges. Read more about these challenges and how you can manage your on-demand implementation project. Read More
Is BI Really for Everyone?
It’s been a long time (in this business, anyway) since the very first business intelligence (BI) solutions turned up, enabling big organizations to perform data

implementations case studies bi tool   Read More
TEC 2014 Mobile BI Buyer's Guide
Once considered a nice-to-have, mobility is now standard in most business intelligence (BI) applications. Most traditional BI and analytics software providers

implementations case studies bi tool  mobile BI, mobile business intelligence, BI mobility, mobile BI solutions, TEC buyer's guide Read More
BI Hits the Road
Just when we thought that business intelligence (BI) systems were headed straight for the cloud, new BI applications are already being developed for another

implementations case studies bi tool   Read More
Case Study: BWSC
Engineering firm Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc. needed to collaborate more efficiently across its 11 offices in the eastern United States. The firm chose

implementations case studies bi tool   Read More
BI Research
BI Research is a research, consulting, and education firm. The company organizes conferences and seminars, and publishes articles and columns in industry

implementations case studies bi tool   Read More
Logi 9 Business Intelligence Platform: Business Intelligence (BI) Competitor Analysis Report
This business intelligence (BI) knowledge base covers a full range of BI functionality. BI applications enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and

implementations case studies bi tool   Read More
Focus Experts’ Briefing: BI Data and Metrics
Business intelligence (BI) solutions can help businesses to become more intelligent about key operations and processes. But BI solutions are only as valuable as

implementations case studies bi tool  crm,erp,kra,bit torrent,real time business intelligence,kpi examples,what are kpi key performance indicators,kpi definition,define key performance indicators,key performance indicators examples,key performance indicators marketing,kpi reporting,open source business intelligence,bi publisher,performance management framework Read More

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