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Business Intelligence
The ability to extract and present information meaningfully is vital for business management. Indeed, business intelligence tools enable companies to make

top 10 business intelligence tools  drop downs in the top left corner of the dashboard above can be used to recalculate that cell. For example only sales for a specific territory or only sales of a particular item class. Analysis Cubes also can be used as a data source for pivot tables. Pivot tables can be created using the Pivot Table Creator window in Microsoft Dynamics GP or they can be created directly in Excel. The following Pivot Table was configured to automatically open by clicking on the Sales by Item Class graph on the dashboard Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » top 10 business intelligence tools

Business Intelligence for Process Industries
The IT investments that have allowed firms in process industries to increase the efficiency of their operations and supply chains have also created vast stores

top 10 business intelligence tools  you also grow the top line.” In this paper we discuss how technological advances are enabling improved decision making across three broad axes: (1) simplicity and relevance, (2) agility and (3) integration. First, new user-friendly interfaces and approaches to business intelligence provide easier access to relevant data and empower more decision makers. Second, new technology advances such as in-memory BI are providing new levels of performance and helping users gain real-time insights into their data. Read More
Business Intelligence: Its Ins and Outs
In today's highly competitive business climate, the quality and timeliness of business information for an organization is not only a choice between profit and

top 10 business intelligence tools  informed decision making from top level to user level. Another potential trend involving BI is its possible merger with artificial intelligence (AI). AI has been used in business applications since eighties, and it is widely used for complex problem-solving and decision-support techniques in real-time business applications. It will not be long before AI applications are merged with BI, bringing in a new era in business. It's also not unlikely that one day BI may adopt new name of artificial business Read More
Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics
The convergence of business intelligence (BI) and mobility has been well under way for some time. As more professionals begin using smart phones and other

top 10 business intelligence tools  to identify the current top 5 customers, or to provide detailed background about a specific customer. This model supports advanced data visualisation, including interactive charts, graphs and maps.   Who is it for? Three major professional groups stand to benefit from a mobile BI implementation. These are: executives, key sales people and field service personnel. The executive team and senior management have become proficient at absorbing information delivered to them via their smart phones. Adding Read More
Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line
Given that virtually all small and midsized businesses can benefit from business intelligence (BI) tools, the real question is how much of this technology

top 10 business intelligence tools  quarter, or locate the top 10 best-selling items for the last month, this type of BI tool will serve you well. Analysis tool ' SMB companies want the ability to bring in data from multiple locations and still be able to see a unified macro view of the entire enterprise. Analysis software should help you achieve this goal, providing a quick snapshot of your business and enabling you to drill down into sales and purchasing trends, as well as perform budget analysis. Some of these solutions offer Read More
Business Flexibility
Organizations wanting to create a more flexible, responsive environment to support their business processes must consider removing the process dependencies from

top 10 business intelligence tools   Read More
Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide (Summary Edition)
This buyer guide is for business owners, managers, decision makers, and anyone interested in learning about the deployment of business intelligence (BI) systems

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INCAE Business School Chooses AuraPortal Business Process Management Software to Ensure Quality of Customer Service

top 10 business intelligence tools  business process management software,auraportal,customer service quality,BPM solution Read More
Business Value of Network and Application Visibility
Find out in Achieving Business Value with Network and Application Visibility.

top 10 business intelligence tools  business value network application.,business value network visibility,business value application visibility,business network application visibility,value network application visibility,visibility,application,network,value,business,business value network application visibility Read More
Why Midsized Organizations Need Business Intelligence
Find out in Why Midsized Organizations Need Business Intelligence.

top 10 business intelligence tools  midsized organizations need business intelligence,midsized,organizations,need,business,intelligence,organizations need business intelligence,midsized need business intelligence,midsized organizations business intelligence,midsized organizations need intelligence,midsized organizations need business. Read More
Business Intelligence and Data Management
The terms business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) are heard time and again, but what do they really mean for businesses? Getting

top 10 business intelligence tools  bi, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, decision support system, dss, compare business intelligence software, evaluation centers, bi information, bi software evaluation, Business Intelligence technologies, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, support decision making, bi application software, performance analytics, dss support, communication technologies , ict, business performance management, bpm, business processes, line-of-business. Read More
SAP Business Intelligence Partner Program
In this webcast you ll learn how you can use SAP Business Objects, BI OnDemand, to provide a world-class business intelligence solution to your cus...

top 10 business intelligence tools  sap business intelligence partner program,sap,business,intelligence,partner,program,business intelligence partner program,sap intelligence partner program,sap business partner program,sap business intelligence program,sap business intelligence partner. Read More
Enabling Growth through Business Model Innovation
By understanding and successfully leveraging business model innovation, your company can...

top 10 business intelligence tools  enabling growth business model innovation,enabling,growth,business,model,innovation,growth business model innovation,enabling business model innovation,enabling growth model innovation,enabling growth business innovation,enabling growth business model. Read More
Team With Business Management to Drive Out IT Cost
IT complexity drives cost and to a great extent, it is business management that drives IT complexity. Until IT architecture and infrastructure are simplified

top 10 business intelligence tools  IT Department,Business Management,IT Cost,Information technology,operating costs,manufacturing capacity,business manager,business operation,performance business operations,business process improvement,business applications Read More
The 2011 Focus Experts' Guide to Business Intelligence
Not all business intelligence (BI) solutions fit every situation, and many BI solutions can be quite pricy. As an organization grows and its experience with BI

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